Monday, October 5, 2009


I just can't get enough of Stephanie and Mav's work.

For those of you who haven't heard of 3191, it stands for 3191 miles; the distance between the two artists. Back in January 2007 they each decided to take one photo every morning and, without discussing their captures beforehand, post the photos side-by-side on a shared blog.

The result was pure magic. Not only were their photos beautiful, but they were oftentimes uncannily similar. Shapes would mirror each other in each image, lines would extend across one image into the other, colors would complement each other perfectly. The following year they decided to switch things up a bit and take one photo every evening, and the result was just as compelling.

Both projects have been turned into books: A Year of Mornings (published last year) and 3191: Evenings (published this month). I received my pre-ordered copy in the mail last week and haven't been able to stop poring over it since...


Momya Rogers said... me, this is another example of how our energy can extend over massive distances. said...

i've wanted to get this book for awhile..i think you just nudged me enough to make it actually happen. :)

cindy said...

i love both books, too. did you notice the box on the side from the way they arranged the photos? so neat.

simply blogged said...

I did not even know evenings was out. I am going to have to get it.

peas n' honey said...

wow! that is so cool! i always dream that in another life i could be a photographer... just like these people and just like you!

you are always inspiring!

love your leave pics too!