Thursday, September 10, 2009

dragon tears

A couple months ago I came home from work to find a gaggle of neighborhood kids running around our driveway. I was breathlessly greeted by little J., who proceeded to tell me all about "the little glass marbles" that were evidently hidden in the tiny space between the neighbor's fence and our garage and how he found them while playing hide-and-seek and were they mine and did I know where they came from because they're really pretty and should he put them back but maybe he could keep them and and and OH! Did I know what they were?

And as he held out his tiny palm to show me his treasures, like some sort of portkey I was immediately transported to my own childhood neighborhood, my own adventures, my own "little glass marbles" and I remembered, like it was yesterday, what I had been told:

"Those are dragon tears."

And as he looked up at me, eyes wide, I swear I saw my own excited, 8-year-old reflection smiling back.


Momya Rogers said...

Surely that cannot be...dragons are magical, mythical, and OH, MY...wouldn't it be great that they truly are Real?!
From your description, I can see it clearly...maybe because I remember, too....

Mary O' said...

What a lovely

peas n' honey said...

That is the cutest thing I've ever heard!