Sunday, June 14, 2009

happy birthday, lala!

Today is my little sister's birthday. I can't believe she is 25...I still remember her as a pudgy-cheeked 2-year old, swishing around the house in her little diaper. Her favorite song was "Lady in Red"...she loved it so much my mom bought her the record, and she'd stand by our little Fisher Price record player and swish swish swish to the music. Her favorite color was "gween," and she always wanted her juice in the "gween" sippy cup. We did everything together right up until I left for college, and all of my favorite memories from growing up involve our many adventures.

Here's to you today, sister, my best friend. Thank you for making my life that much brighter. I love you. ;o)

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Momya Rogers said...

What a lovely, delightful tribute to Lara! I remember these things you describe.
You two were a team as she got older.
Both of you brighted my world, and when I get to see you, it is still the same. =)