Tuesday, May 19, 2009

happy as a clam

Warm weather + baby pool + tennis ball = Indiana's heaven. ;o)


Indiana said...

dear mom and dad,
yesterday was the best day. it was so nice and warm, and we went for a walk. it was so hot in fact that daisy was panting the whole walk, and she even had to lie down in the grass to take a little breather by the lake. when we got home, dad busted out the baby pool and i went absolutely nuts! i can't wait to go to the lake this summer and test out my sea legs. after the baby pool we went inside and took naps and it was the best.

Maggie said...

OMG! I had so much fun with them this weekend...this catches Indy's spirit perfectly. So adorable and fun, do you need me to watch them again soon?? yes please! heheh

Momya Rogers said...

Hey, when did Indy learn to type?!
Ohhhh, he was dictating! =D
Glad he can get out again!

Zeppie said...

Hey lil bro pup....I was chillin on Tim's lap and saw your Kool pics. Dude, you can destroy tennis balls supremo. I have been having my daily barking match with Otis next door. Can't wait to see you again so we can growl at each other and compete for alpha status. Peace hermano.