Wednesday, November 4, 2009

studio opening!

OK OK, so it's not a photo...but I did come up with the design, does that count?? ;o)

Back in August I joined forces with four lovely ladies (and crazy-talented photographers to boot) to create Studio 204, our very own photography studio and gallery space in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. After several months of building, painting, decorating, and wine, we are finally ready to open our doors and welcome our friends and families to the space!

Fresh-brewed beer, acoustic soul/blues, tasty hors d'oeuvres, artwork on display...sounds like a pretty great evening to me.

Music starts at 7PM, hope to see you there! ;oD


peas n' honey said...

oh my goodness! wish i could go!

simply blogged said...

I wished I lived closer. I would definitely go.

Momya Rogers said...

If there were a way....I would be there....what a truly fantastic event!!!

kitty said...

Rebecca, Leaca, Momya...I wish you could be there, too! I so look forward to your comments every day, it would be nice to thank you in person. ;o)

A. Jarrett said...

Oh how I would love to attend! Have a wonderful time ~ I am too excited for you !!!

Be sure to post pics from the event!