Monday, August 24, 2009

birthday girl

"just a little taste..."
"maybe just a little bit more..."
"and perhaps a little more..."
"I'm thinkin' I could get used to this..." ;o)

Thank you for all the Birthday wishes, everyone!

{Photos taken by Family Rogers ~ August 24th, 1981}


Momya said...

Such a wonderful, happy time! You even managed it in a relatively ladylike way... =D
And what better place to celebrate than at the Shore! Magic...I gotta
get back there...

Daddio said...

Kitty's first birdegg!!! I think Babzie got that chocolate cake with white icing at that great cake store down on 96th and Third Avenue in Stone Harbor....and you pretty much destroyed it!! Atlantic Ocean and giant Jellyfish just 50 feet behind you. AHHHHHHH!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pics. Reminded me of Molly's first birthday. In her case I borrowed her Aunt Barb's camera to record the event. After we had cleaned Molly up I realized I'd taken all the pictures with the lens cap on! So we sat her back in the high chair and recreated the event...much to Molly's delight. Happy Birthday, Kitty! - Dano

peas n' honey said...

oh my heck! happy late birthday and can i just add that i LOVE the photos! Priceless.