Sunday, July 19, 2009

happy camper

A few things I did this weekend:
  • Told ghost stories by the campfire.
  • Searched for the perfect skipping stone.
  • Hiked until my legs couldn't hike any longer.
  • Saw the reflection of Jupiter on Lake Superior, and counted constellations.
  • Wore long undies and a winter cap to bed.
  • Listened to the sound of a brief rain, pitter-pattering on the outside of our tent.
  • Watched the sun set over the lake.
  • Watched the sun rise over the lake.
  • Caught the smell of campfire faintly lingering on my clothes.
Many more pictures to come... ;o)


Momya Rogers said...

Ahhhh, the beauty of living in the great make it sound so enchanting! =D

CrazyBunnyLady said...

Nice picture.

jikpeter said...

Sounds amazing!! I can't wait to get out in some nature myself. :)