Thursday, January 22, 2009

running late

My commute into work this morning was unusually photogenic. I'll admit everything seems a bit more photogenic since starting this blog, but this morning was crazy. I kept passing photo op after photo op {fog-laden field! sparkly, ice-covered tree branches!}, until finally I just couldn't take it anymore. I pulled off onto a side road, trudged through a couple feet of snow, and settled on this random bunch of nettles and dried leaves. Once my feet were successfully frozen, and the reality that I was late for WORK settled in, I reluctantly stopped snapping and headed back to the car. Maybe it was the cold jolt, or the uncharacteristically early dose of inspiration...but today was a fantastic, happy day. Another, please!

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Momya Rogers said...

Nature certainly captures our attention....whether it be severely cold feet, sparkly trees, then ultimately, the end of life for this small section of vegetation. This will soon be full of life....I wonder what it looks like green.